Infrastructure, utilities & transport

The use of smart technologies is fast growing and will become ever more important in the future. As we move towards 5G and 6G, Tech Lab will enable the development of new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies by combining engineering laboratories with the largest antenna chamber in Australia to support proof-of-concept testing and optimisation prior to field deployment. Tech Lab also offers comprehensive testing of large infrastructure found in transport and utilities.

Areas of expertise

IoT applications

Developing novel IoT sensor technologies to acquire data from infrastructure, along with 5G/6G technologies to support the next generation of infrastructure ready IoT devices.

Smart spaces & buildings

Proof-of-concept testing of new sensor technologies using Tech Lab as a ‘living laboratory’. Benchmarking of sensors, optimising data acquisition systems and rolling out towards 5G/6G.

Structural health monitoring & non-destructive testing

Implementing long term damage identification and characterisation strategies that facilitate condition-based maintenance and cost-effective asset management.

Roads, pavement & rail

Large civil engineering laboratories undertake product development and standards testing, supported by a geotechnics lab that tests soils, aggregates and related materials.

Remote monitoring

Using autonomous vehicles to monitor utility and transport system assets. Analysing data to support smart decision making and operations management.

Real-time (RT) electricity grid simulation

Connecting real hardware to an RT simulated grid (hardware-in the-loop) in order to test new or existing equipment and evaluate the impact of real power devices (inverters, battery chargers, wind turbines, PV modules).


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